Advitya is a precious soul. Her ability to feel the vibrations of the various sacred mantras that transform invigorate and heightens any listener's vibration.

It is through her act of sharing as well as her deep profound intuitive feeling & knowledge of what these sacred sounds fully embody that can heal and help any spiritual aspirant  transcend and cope with any difficulty they may be facing. The quality of heart within her sound is an all embracing love. It is felt, soul to soul!

Advitya’s love and sacred space is shared during these special moments of meditations with her. I know that any human being who is blessed to meet, BE and meditate with Advitya’s Mantra work will feel this loving warm energy she offers so freely!

It is through our sharing and caring that we help each other. Advitya is the perfect agent for this vibrational shift we are all feeling in our world today. Advitya is the perfect person for this astoundingly transformational healing work.

- Ananda Devi & Ramaji