I was born in India. My grandmother taught me some very important things in life and one them was to chant mantras when I was still a small kid. I started with chanting Om and Gayatri Mantra and would chant it daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. Doing pujas (worship) and reciting shlokas is very much a part of Hinduism and I grew embedded in it.

It was only when growing up that more challenges came and I grew more devoted to my practice and started praying to many Goddesses such as Durga Ma, .... and ..... I regularly conducted pilgrimates and visited their shrines. It gave me courage and confidence, and showed me a direction to move forward even in moments when all seemed lost. I had also been in consulation with Vedic astrologers through various stages of my life to chant appropriate mantras to cancel out the effect of malefic planets.

Later on, I added yoga and meditation to my daily practice to deal with stress and anxiety that came with juggling the responsibilities of a single mother. If chanting mantras gave me courage and kept me steadfast, yoga and meditation made me more positive and loving in my relationships with others. My favorite practice is doing Ho'oponono meditation which liberated me from my past.

In the last few years, I have become more invested in my spiritual journey and taking a retirement from my job is allowing me to pursue this path fully and with complete commitment.


A major turning point was booking my first RASA Session with Ananda Deviji. After a few sessions, the residues of my past that had been dominating my life and holding me back seemed to vanish into thin air. I gained incredible freedom - freedom from being a prisoner of the past, wanting to control my present, or worrying about the future. I learnt to let go of many situations and accept people as they are in my life. With this came sensitivity and a heightened appreciation of my practice of mantras and how they resonated different energies within me.

It is why I am very excited to share with you this wonderful practice that has been a bedrock for me my whole life.