"The meaning of our self is not to be found in its separateness from God and others, but in the ceaseless realization of yoga, of union."




Mantras are sounds and sounds can create a resonance. Just like placing two tuning forks next to each other and striking one can cause the other one to go into resonance. Chanting a mantra can help us bring into resonance the aspects of ourselves that we wish to see.

Everything we do - our thoughts, words and actions - form a pattern or tendency within us. We first create these patterns, like a line or a notch on the surface and consciously or unconsciously we end up repeating them, making them deeper and deeper. As Goenka used to say, some are like a line drawn in the water, some like a line drawn in the sand, and others like a line drawn into a stone, hard to erase.

Chanting mantras are based on this premise. Simply by the power of repetition and chanting mantras, you can overwrite these ingrained tendencies that you are struggling with and replace them with wholesome, positive and loving vibrations.

The word mantra itself is derived from two Sanskrit words, Man i.e. mind or mental activity and tra i.e. tool, technique or method. Thus, a mantra is a tool in which we mindfully focus our thoughts, feelings and our intentions. Chanting mantras is an ancient practice that has been used by spiritual practitioners and laypersons for thousands of years and remains integral to many religious and spiritual traditions around the world. Certain practitioners set goals to chant a certain mantra 100,000 times but you don't have to chant it as many times to see tremendous benefits, I promise.


I'm Adi, and growing up in a Vedic tradition, I have been chanting mantras for as long as I can remember, Whether performing them as a part of bhajan-kirtan in a religious setting, performing daily japa or using them as a part of my mindfulness practice, I have gained tremendously from applying mantras. They have been the foundation that have held me together through all seasons and it is this gift that I wish to share with you.

In my virtual offerings over Zoom, I go over your individual needs and the areas that you are working on, give you a mantra to practice and work with you on applying that mantra correctly so that you get the benefits you desire. Each session is typically 30 - 45 mins and usually costs $30 or whatever you wish to donate.


Chant with Adi

Join mantra chanting with Adi in the form of a virtual offering from anywhere around the world.

30 - 45 min.

$30 or donation